Amazon Prime Air: Will it be safe
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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Sunday said his firm is working on ways to deliver small packages via drones. But how could this affect you directly other than faster deliveries?

Well to start of you have to look at the pro and cons, i went head and added my personal thoughts on how all this could unfold for the everyday buyer or civilian living their personal life.


  • Fast Deliveries (Promised within 30 minutes or less)
  • No waiting for regular mail shipping

Other than the two reasons listed below what else could be added? Fast deliveries would be great, but keep in mind the package could not be over 5 pounds. Feel free to post some comments on thoughts of anything that would be considered as a PRO given i have only listed two.


  • Invasion of privacy
  • Air Traffic control issues
  • Possible terrorist attacks
  • Safety from propellers
  • Price factor on shipping
  • Tracking your package

From my personal experience, based on the knowledge i have behind this matter, this would be some great technology for the near future. But are we ready for this type of technology? What kind of privacy would we really have when it comes to one of these drones flying around your house? Will this cause issues when you have a few million of these drones flying through out the world? How will they control flights to prevent crashes? Could these drones be hijacked for terrorist attacks?

If you look at the video below, you will see these drones have propellers, how will you feel about your children or pets being around such a device while a delivery takes place. How will this 30 minutes or less delivery method affect shipping prices? How can you track where your package is located while in mid flight, will they provide GPS tracking or just delivery notices?

These are all the questions, we will need answers to. I for one would not feel safe with the drones flying around my house while they are making deliveries. Don’t expect any of this to start up until 2020 as predicted by many sources. They have a lot of tweaking to do and they have a lot of protocols to present. Feel free to post your comments and or concerns regarding the pros and cons listed above.


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